In Marseille, Emmanuel Macron put to the test of promises

French President Emmanuel Macron visiting Marseille on September 1, 2021. AFP - LUDOVIC MARIN

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The French president has been in Marseille since Wednesday September 1 for a three-day visit to the city.

He spoke about safety on his arrival and this Thursday morning, September 2, he is back to school in an elementary school, before unveiling the big plan announced by the Elysee during a speech in the afternoon. 


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From our special correspondent in Marseille,

Second day, second sequence for Emmanuel Macron.

He will meet CM2 students, teachers, parents of students.

Always the same method for the President of the Republic who, according to the expression devoted to the Elysee, goes “ 

in contact

 ” with the population, with the will to “ 



This is the new posture displayed by the Head of State. 

But it is especially this Thursday afternoon that Emmanuel Macron is expected: he must unveil the state's action plan to help Marseille.

The President explained that he did not want to simply shell out billions, as has already been done.

One way to respond to the attacks of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in particular, who recalled this Wednesday at the end of the interview with local elected officials, the long series of plans for Marseille from Nicolas Sarkozy to Manuel Valls, via Jean-Marc Ayrault.

A “ 

pilgrimage of promises,

 ” said the leader of the Insoumis.

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Towards a public company managed by the State and the town hall

It is on this ground that Emmanuel Macron will have to prove himself and explain what steering system will allow the State to ensure that the funds injected massively will be used to implement the projects decided. 

The hypothesis of the creation of a local public company co-managed by the State and the town hall is mentioned.

Emmanuel Macron must show that his plan is not just another promise. 

Report in Marseille on the first day of Emmanuel Macron's visit

Valerie Gas

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