• The town hall of Bordeaux has delivered its first buissonnière courtyard, presented as more mixed and vegetated.

  • In the three new school groups delivered this year, the municipal team has reworked the projects to make them coincide with this idea of ​​truant.

  • In multi-storey establishments, revegetation is not always easy to achieve.

The era of schoolyards which give a central place to the football field, often monopolized by boys, is over in Bordeaux.

In this new school year in 2021, the Bordeaux town hall inaugurated its first “junkyard” at the Paul-Lapie nursery school in the Caudéran district.

"In these new generation courses: it is vegetated, it is mixed and all the students feel at ease there", summarizes Pierre Hurmic, the mayor of Bordeaux.

Teams and students consulted

There is not a model of this type of playground promoted by the City that could be reproduced in series. “Each class will be different, depending on the teaching teams,” points out Sylvie Schmitt, the education assistant. In Caudéran for example, more than 100 m2 have been cleared to put grass and plant plants. And, a cork-based cushioning support has been installed in the play area. »The Alto Step firm, specialized in sustainable town planning, was responsible for organizing the consultation in the first schools concerned, with the educational team and the pupils, observing in particular how they appropriate this play area.

The plans of three school groups, whose constructions had been launched by the previous majority and delivered for this return, have been reworked in this perspective of truant. In the Billie Holiday school, rue Hortense, in the Bastide district, the aspect of the nursery yard leaves a little wary: a pretty lawn, plantations but no games ... They will be installed as and when needs observed in use, we explain. On the floors of the establishment, the construction of which was entrusted to Bouygues, associated with the Bordeaux agency BPM architectes, there is a terrace with potted plantings that will serve as a courtyard, in addition to that of the ground floor. pavement. And at the last level we installed an educational garden,as in the two other schools Modeste Testas in Bassins à flot and Nelson Mandela, in Ginko, inaugurated in this new school year.

"You will have to be a little patient for it to grow"

At Billie-Holiday, the classrooms are spacious and modern, the common areas pleasant in this school with distinct architectural lines, in the spirit of the neighborhood designed by Winy Maas, but concrete takes precedence over vegetation here.

"On the upper floors, you are condemned to install pots," defends Pierre Hurmic.

It was designed from the start, it's still better than improvising in existing constructions.

And, in everything on the ground floor, the place of plants is important.

Afterwards, you will have to be a little patient for it to grow.

The mayor particularly praised the important landscaping work carried out for the installation of 45 trees and shrubs on the top floor of the Nelson-Mandela school.

A consultation to install "truant" is being conducted in the schools of Achard and Benauge.

The town hall is carrying out a ten-year program to renovate in this sense all the courses of its 113 schools and hopes to complete 50% during this mandate.

A budget of 12 million euros has been allocated to this project.

To see the form that the projects carried from A to Z will take by the ecological majority for this mandate of “schools and nurseries” that it has announced.


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