The online reporting platform for identifying tax fraudsters in Baden-Württemberg is also criticized by the SPD. Union, FDP and AfD had already accused the Green State Finance Minister Danyal Bayaz on Wednesday of promoting denunciation with the "tax pillory" on the Internet. The financial policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, Lothar Binding, now cut in the same notch: "This promotes a culture of mistrust, resentment, subordination and denunciation" and should not "sneak into our society," he told the television broadcaster Bild Live .

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz expressed himself more cautiously: It is "important that we all pay our taxes fairly, and I assume that most citizens do the same," said the SPD candidate for chancellor. Otherwise, there have long been "very proper practices", then it is "the tax officials who have to do their job".

In contrast, Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock can imagine such an anonymous reporting platform at the federal level.

"We have to create places where you can also report when you know that there is violent tax fraud," she said on Wednesday evening at the "Bundestag election show" on the TV station Prosieben.

That is now being done in Baden-Württemberg and would actually have been “also the job of a federal finance minister,” said Baerbock.

"The next federal government should also introduce that."

Bayaz wants to file a complaint

State finance minister Bayaz is meanwhile being heavily attacked by racists and agitators for setting up the online portal in the social media. The minister would report the worst insults, said the Ministry of Finance in Stuttgart at the request of the German Press Agency. There were numerous inhuman, racist and sexist comments on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The new portal of the Ministry of Finance for evidence of tax evasion also received emails with violent insults.

The Union, FDP and AfD had previously criticized the Greens with drastic words because of the reporting platform in Baden-Württemberg. Three and a half weeks before the federal election, the CSU accused the Greens of promoting “denunciation”. Union faction vice-chairman Thorsten Frei called the portal a "tax pillory". FDP state chief Michael Theurer spoke of the “block warden mentality”. Previously, the "Bild" newspaper had the headline: "Green Minister introduces Stasi taxation". Green leader Robert Habeck then said that such comparisons played down the "dictatorship of the GDR".

It is not the first time that Bayaz, who has a Turkish father, has been confronted with hatred online. Most recently, the birth of his son had caused racist and misogynistic comments. The 37-year-old has been state finance minister since mid-May, before he sat in the Bundestag. His partner Katharina Schulze is the leader of the Greens in the Bavarian state parliament.