5G helps new power system upgrades to promote the realization of "dual carbon" goals

  Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, September 1 (Reporter Epic) "At present, my country is already the country with the largest greenhouse gas emissions in the world. In 2019, CO2 emissions were 10.2 billion tons, accounting for about 28.8% of the world's total. The goal of peak carbon emissions, the pressure to reduce emissions is huge." On the afternoon of September 1, Tang Guangfu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the Global Energy Internet Research Institute, was at the 2021 World 5G Conference Sub-forum-"5G and Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutrality" Shared such a set of data on.

  Tang Guangfu believes that the transformation of the power system is the core of the energy transformation. To achieve clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy development requirements, it is necessary to increase the supply and consumption of green and clean energy.

  Sun Zhengyun, a first-level consultant of the State Grid Corporation of China, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Energy Research Association, emphasized that electricity is the most important energy source among the various energy forms in this society, and the construction of a new power system is an important measure to ensure national energy security.

At present, with the deepening of the construction of the new power system, the "double high" and "double peak" characteristics of the traditional power system are further highlighted.

The power grid faces major challenges in terms of continuous and reliable power supply, safety and stability, and economic operation.

It is increasingly difficult for the traditional model to take into account the demands of security, economy, and green development at the same time. It is urgent to use digital technology to accelerate the upgrade of the power grid to the energy Internet and build a new power system supported by digital technology.

  Sun Zhengyun said frankly that building a new power system will also encounter many problems and challenges.

As far as the operation of the power system is concerned, safety is the first priority. Ensuring reliable power supply and ensuring economic operation are the biggest challenges in constructing a new power system.

He suggested that it is necessary to use digital technology with innovative thinking and build emerging technologies with digital as the main body to support the construction of new power systems.

  "5G technology can not only improve the interaction capabilities of large grid sources, networks, and loads, but also enhance user interaction capabilities between supply and demand and sensor information collection capabilities." Tang Guangfu suggested that in the future, research on application adaptability should be accelerated and a series of customized equipment should be developed. Solve the problems of 5G network determinism, security, coverage, and openness, reduce comprehensive application costs, and break through application bottlenecks.

  Sun Zhengyun said that at present, my country has great potential for the development of renewable energy, especially new energy such as wind and light. The large-scale development of new energy can effectively promote the diversification of energy structure and is of great significance for ensuring energy security.