Maintain a high-pressure situation of severely punishing criminals and criminals

  Beijing, August 31st (Reporter Zhang Cong) The reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on August 31 that the "Opinions on Giving Full Play to the Role of Procuratorial Function and Normalizing the Struggle to Suppress Evil" has been issued by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate recently. Make arrangements for the normalization of procuratorial organs to carry out the fight against criminals and evil.

  The opinions emphasized that the procuratorial function should be fully performed, and the high-pressure situation of severely punishing criminals and evil forces should be maintained; implementation of legal governance and systematic governance responsibilities, and strengthening of linkages with relevant competent authorities to form a governance force.

  The opinions demanded that the establishment and improvement of a severe punishment mechanism for early and early childhood strikes, maintain a high-pressure posture of severe punishment in accordance with the law, and insist on striking at the outset, and never allow the resurgence of evil forces.

Strictly handle cases in accordance with the law, follow legal principles such as legally prescribed crimes, no suspected crimes, and evidence-based judgments, and fully protect the lawful rights and interests of litigation participants and lawyers' various practicing rights.

Properly dispose of the property involved in the case in accordance with the law, and pay attention to severely punishing money laundering crimes.

  Opinions point out that an accurate and efficient case handling mechanism should be established and improved to improve the quality and effectiveness of intervention investigations and improve the quality of case handling from the source.

Apply the leniency system for confessing guilt and punishing in accordance with the law to strengthen the protection of the legal rights of minors involved in the case; establish and improve an integrated coordination mechanism for tackling tough problems. Higher-level procuratorial organs can call prosecutors within their jurisdictions as needed, and can adopt higher-level processing and designate remote jurisdictions Solve the problem of insufficient case-handling power in other ways.