Europe 1 7:30 p.m., September 1, 2021

Every day of the week at 8.15 am, Monday to Friday, Sonia Mabrouk receives a topical guest in the morning of Europe 1. On Thursday, the Republican MEP François-Xavier Bellamy will answer the journalist's questions on the various hot topics in the news, from the situation in Marseille to the right-wing primary.

What should be done to allow Marseille to resolve its security, social or educational problems? How should the opposition position itself seven months before the presidential election? How should the right organize itself to put itself in a position to beat Emmanuel Macron in 2022? On these subjects at the heart of the news, François-Xavier Bellamy will deliver his point of view on Europe 1, Thursday, at 8:15 am. Les Républicains MEP will answer questions from Sonia Mabrouk, at the helm of the morning interview.

RDV tomorrow 8:15 am @ Europe1 My guest: LR MEP and philosopher @fxbellamy

- PR Macron #Marseille: After the cameras and the promises of millions, what a real shock?

- Back to school day.

FX Bellamy's Proposals on Education

- The Right: Primary or Not?

- Mabrouk Sonia (@SoMabrouk) September 1, 2021