The Etorri ongi should not be summoned

, nor recorded, much less broadcast," demanded

the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu

after the reactivation of the tributes made to the ETA prisoners when they concluded their sentences and returned to their places of origin. Urkullu had already described as

"respulsive" the attitude of the Abertzale Left

towards these acts in a message on his social networks and today he has expressly

directed EH Bildu to listen to the victims

and not cover tributes like

Henry's Parot,

which is scheduled to take place in Mondragón on September 18.

The Lehendakari Urkullu has formally restarted the political course in Euskadi with an express request addressed to EH Bildu not to hold more acts of reception for ETA prisoners. Acts that value

"non-exemplary attitudes"

and that EH Bildu spokesman Arnaldo Otegi justified yesterday with the argument that they have not been prohibited by the National High Court when ruling out that they humiliate the victims or represent an apology for the terrorist activity of ETA.

Urkullu, who has also recognized that the

'ongi etorris'

have the legal protection of the

National Court

, has warned of the role that Justice plays in these debates, linking them with the criteria used when judging the restrictions approved to act against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The lehendakari's criticisms of EH Bildu have also been directed towards the interpretation made by Arnaldo Otegi about the origin of the incidents carried out by young people against the Ertzaintza and the Local Police who act in the bottles. Urkullu has regretted that Otegi used the

"mantra of a social model"

to "try to justify violent attitudes" and has warned that the incidents reflect a crisis of values ​​that must be addressed through education both in families and in the field of education. school. The spokesman for the sovereign coalition maintains that the acts of violence in the bottles occur within a leisure model promoted by the

neoliberal economy

that prioritizes the consumption of alcohol.

"We have to be clear and demanding in our statements," stressed the Lehendakari who has defended the

police work

because they are "defending public health and avoiding crimes."

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