Vegetable bolognese sauce, organic chickpea curry, vegetable chili ... In a few days, this is what Nantes schoolchildren will find more and more frequently on their plates.

The town hall (PS) of Nantes has in fact decided to offer, from the start of the school year in September, two vegetarian menus per week.

Until then, the 88 school restaurants only offered one, in addition to the weekly meatless meal (with fish or eggs).

A measure which therefore goes further than the Egalim law, whose experimentation to offer students a vegetarian menu once a week has been extended (and not perpetuated) for another two years.

In Nantes, however, the question should move faster since Mayor Johanna Rolland pledged during her campaign that all children can have the choice every day between two menus, including a vegetarian, by the end of the mandate.

Organic products and composting

In addition, in order to improve the quality of the 15,000 meals served per day, the city of Nantes announces that it has reached the proportion of 28% of products from organic farming (target: 75% of organic and local products by 2026).

The town hall also announces that it will continue its trials to swap plastic containers for stainless steel.

Finally, the collection and composting of food waste is being tested in around twenty schools.


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