Chinanews, August 31. According to a report by the US Chinese website, on the 30th, Robert Lang, the serial shooting murderer in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, appeared in court again.

The prosecutors reiterated that they will seek a death sentence against Lang and found that the crime he committed was a hate crime.

  Lang appeared in court in Fulton County, Georgia on the same day. It was very brief. The court only announced that the next arraignment was postponed to September 28.

However, Fani Willis, the county's district attorney, disclosed that she had increased the sentence for Lang in accordance with Georgia's new hate crime law.

She pointed out that Lang has prejudice against women and based on ethnicity.

  Willis revealed that the defense had contacted her to try to reach an agreement, but she would insist on seeking a death sentence against Lang.

She said that this decision was fully supported by the victim's family.

She admitted that the trial process can be very lengthy; she said, "Sometimes the process of seeking justice cannot be completed too quickly."

  Of the eight women Lang shot and killed, four worked in two Asian-run spa shops in Fulton County.

Earlier, Lang had pleaded guilty to shooting four other women in Cherokee County and was sentenced to four life imprisonment plus 35 years in prison without bail.

At that time, the county prosecutor said it failed to prove that there was an ethnic motive in Lang's crime.