- Yes, we have agreed on a settlement that we confirmed in court, says Leif Nilsson, city lawyer in Falu municipality.

Three years ago, SVT Nyheter Dalarna revealed that a son of a unit manager at Falu municipality had been paid for 14 years without working.

Earlier this year, the Court of Appeal sentenced the head to a suspended sentence and community service and the son to a suspended sentence and daily fine.

The issue of damages, where the municipality of Falu demanded a total of SEK 2.2 million, has now also been decided.

According to an agreement made, the former unit manager must pay 800,000 in damages to the municipality.

Her son will pay SEK 250,000.

- We have looked at the Court of Appeal ruling where a compensation of 1.3 million is recommended, we have assumed that and arrived at this sum, says Leif Nilsson.

How come you chose conciliation?


A main hearing can take a long time, you make an assessment of how long it can take and it can be costly with court costs for example, says Leif Nilsson.

However, the municipality can get back more money than what has now been negotiated.

The damages of just over one million are exclusive of social security contributions.

The social security contributions, approximately SEK 500,000, can be recovered from the Swedish Tax Agency.

- I will submit an application in the next week, says Leif Nilsson.

As the issue of damages is now complete, the case is closed for Falu municipality.

- It has been a long and arduous process for both the municipality and I imagine for the other party as well, it is certainly good that we can move on from each direction, says Leif Nilsson.