SVT Småland was earlier this year with when divers examined the log boat located at the bottom of a lake a bit outside Växjö.

Exactly where is not revealed as curious visitors otherwise risk ruining the sensitive find.

Following the discovery, the County Administrative Board of Kronoberg County has paid for documentation and dating of a log boat through the cultural environment grant.

Kalmar County Museum, Museum Archeology Southeast, has been responsible for the work and three marine archaeologists from Bohuslän Museum have performed the dives.

May be from the Middle Ages

Most likely the log boat is from the 16th century or as the youngest from the 17th century.

The oldest known log boats from Scandinavia have been found in Denmark.

They have been dated to the Stone Age and the youngest are from the early 20th century.

- It is the first dating done by a log boat in the county.

It is both interesting and exciting that the log boat turned out to be as old as the Middle Ages or as the youngest from the 17th century.

We are pleased to be able to contribute to new knowledge because today we have limited knowledge about this type of ancient monument, says Sofie Ekstrand, archaeologist at the County Administrative Board in Kronoberg County.

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The diver Andreas Widerberg goes down into the water to take samples of the log boat that was found at the bottom of the lake in the Växjö area.

Photo: SVT