The last lock has jumped.

The European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) has received the green light from the environmental investigator to start work on the southern part of the north-west inter-municipal link (LINO South).

Construction will begin in early 2022.

Large projects always take a little time to get into the real world.

For that of the LINO, it is still necessary to go back to 2005 for its official launch.

And even much further, at a time when we still counted in francs, for the idea of ​​building a road connecting the municipalities to the north-west of Lille.

To arrive at this final project, it was necessary to satisfy all the elected representatives of the cities concerned and this caused a lot of delay.

Three sections built between 2022 and 2025

Today, the LINO, at least for its southern part, seems on the right track, the MEL having received the necessary environmental authorization, conclusion of the public inquiry carried out between April and May 2021. It was about s' ensure that the project would have no impact on flora and fauna as well as on water resources.

In her report, the commissioner of inquiry makes only a few recommendations, 8 in all, in particular on the noise impact of automobile traffic in certain places.

Work on the first three sections (out of 6) can therefore be launched next year and must continue until the end of 2025. The idea is to facilitate access to the Euratechnologies, Eurasanté, Euralimentaire and hospital centers.

These sections are located in the municipalities of Loos, Emmerin, Haubourdin and Sequedin.


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