As the first international exposition in the Middle East "Dubai Expo" is approaching one month, UAE = United Arab Emirates will invite all foreign tourists from the 30th on condition of vaccination with the new corona virus. Announced to accept.

In the UAE, which relies on foreign capital for its domestic economy, Dubai, the largest city, resumed accepting tourists in July last year without requiring voluntary quarantine after entering the country, but due to the spread of the mutant virus "Delta strain" , India and Pakistan have set immigration restrictions for some countries.

Under these circumstances, the UAE government announced that it will resume issuing tourist visas to all foreigners visiting the UAE from the 30th, subject to vaccination with the new coronavirus.

However, as a preventive measure against infection, tourists are obliged to undergo inspections when they enter Japan.

The UAE is set to hold the first international exposition "Dubai Expo" in the Middle East from October 1st for half a year, and has set a goal of 25 million visitors, but each country has travel restrictions. As we continue to do so, the challenge is to acquire visitors.

The UAE government commented on this announcement, "It supports the national efforts to achieve a sustainable economic recovery and economic growth," and aims to attract foreign tourists before the Expo. It seems to be there.