[Explanation] On August 27th, the two-month "Building Dreams and Flying in the Pearl River-2021 Guangzhou Internship Experience Activity for Taiwanese College Students" was successfully concluded in Guangzhou.

On the morning of the 27th, the graduation ceremony of the internship activity was held through video connection. The internship life of Taiwanese college students was broadcasted at the graduation ceremony in the form of vlog.

  [Explanation] More than 50 Taiwanese university students from 8 universities including Jinan University, South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, Tsinghua University participated in the online graduation ceremony. They were in financial securities, biomedicine, automobile manufacturing, Internet and other industries. More than 40 well-known enterprises and institutions and scientific research institutes of the company conducted internships.

When they first entered the social experience work, they moved the theories from the textbooks to their work. After nearly two months of internship, they also had their own gains and experience.

  [Concurrent] Hong Jingmin, a Taiwanese university student

  In this one-and-a-half month internship activity, we are also a process of entering the society from university, we can better integrate into this society, and learn all kinds of knowledge about life in society and skills in the workplace in advance.

  [Explanation] In this internship experience activity, Guangzhou Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center and various companies provided Taiwan students with a lot of work and life help, so that they can better integrate into the work and life of Guangzhou.

  【Concurrent】Taiwan University student Xie Jiayi

  I think Guangzhou is a very tolerant city. Whether it is good for the local people or the foreign population like us, it is very friendly, friendly and inclusive.

  [Concurrent] Hong Jingmin, a Taiwanese university student

  Our organizer, I think this aspect touches me the most, because they can help you better deal with your problems in this aspect, so you can do your own job without any worries. NS.

  [Explanation] In addition to getting substantive help in work and life, Taiwanese college students also develop a multi-faceted understanding of the mainland from the cultural and spiritual level.

During the two-month internship in Guangzhou, Taiwanese college students participated in the "Lingnan Cultural Journey". Through visits to the Whampoa Military Academy Memorial Hall, the Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall, Guangzhou Urban Planning Exhibition Center, etc., they experienced Lingnan culture in depth, and then realized the cross-strait culture Of the same blood.

Through this "one-time internship, multi-channel understanding" model, students internship in Guangzhou have a preliminary understanding of their internship unit and the employment environment in the mainland during this holiday.

  [Concurrent] Xie Fengjun, Executive Director of Guangzhou Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center

  In addition to the activities arranged between internships, we will also take the students to walk the central axis of Guangzhou to learn about Lingnan culture. In addition to understanding the modernization of Guangzhou, we will also return to the pedestrian street of Beijing Road to learn about the traditional culture of Guangzhou. The overall development plan of Guangzhou from ancient times to the present.

  [Concurrent] Hong Jingmin, a Taiwanese university student

  I think the biggest impact is on Taiwan students, because we visited the Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall and our Whampoa Military Academy. It is a piece of history that should be remembered by us.

Few of our new generation of young people pay attention to this history. I think the best meaning of this event is to let us remember history again, and let us remember the lessons that history has taught us.

  [Explanation] At present, some students have signed work contracts with intern companies. These students want to work in Guangzhou after graduation. For them, the potential of the mainland is unlimited, and the opportunities are also unlimited. Working in the mainland can help them. Be more competitive in the fast-paced modern life.

  [Concurrent] Xie Fengjun, Executive Director of Guangzhou Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center

  Through the company's return visit this time, we have clearly reached a cooperation with the current intern companies and the companies we are returning. In the future, the company's recruitment information will also be released to our Taiwanese students and Taiwanese youths through our service center. At the same time, we also communicate with Taiwan. There is a communication between students and young people. In the future, we will also assist them in the delivery of resumes and related business appointments.

Several companies have shown a strong willingness. For example, the Daxin Art Museum has organized private exhibitions for classmates. Then she is also an art major and happens to work in Daxin Art Museum, so they have reached a consensus. , I want to stay for a long time.

  [Concurrent] Li Ailun, a Taiwanese university student

  It should stay in the mainland, because I think there are more opportunities in the mainland.

  【Concurrent】Taiwan University student Xie Jiayi

  After graduation, I plan to continue my studies in Guangzhou, and then I will continue to choose Guangzhou for future employment.

  [Concurrent] Hong Jingmin, a Taiwanese university student

  Because the development prospects of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are very good, I personally have the intention to stay in Guangzhou to continue my internship after graduation, because the development prospects here are unlimited.

  (Wang Qingran, original Yue Wang Zhimin reported from Guangzhou)

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]