• Arranged marriage in Novellara: 18-year-old Pakistani disappeared.

    He investigates for murder

  • Saman Abbas, in a meeting it was decided to "tear her apart"


August 28, 2021

More and more details emerge, from the documents filed by the Bologna Review Court, on the disappearance, in Novellara, between 30 April and 1 May last, of Saman Abbas, a young Pakistani who his parents wanted to give in marriage to a cousin in Pakistan.

The girl had told her mother that "she didn't want to because he is older".

In the papers we read that the young woman heard on April 22, about a week before her disappearance, records: "I am willing to return to the community but not to go to Pakistan". On April 11, she denounced the fact that her father was unduly withholding her documents and also reported cross-cutting threats to her fiancé, through relatives in Pakistan.


In a conversation with her boyfriend, Saman warns him about the danger of his father Shabbar, who is allegedly linked to the Pakistani mafia. The boy, heard on May 5 by the carabinieri, declares: "I am very afraid because the father is a dangerous person and I am also afraid for my parents who are in Pakistan. In fact, Saman in some calls made me clearly understand that his father he has already killed other people both in Italy and in Pakistan "

The crime, the searches and the suspects

Saman's body, according to the investigators who concentrated the research there, was buried in the countryside of Novellara, in the Reggiano area, near the farm where the relatives work, and where the searches were concentrated for 67 days uninterrupted. In Novellara, according to what has been learned from the documents and reported by the girl's little brother during the probative incident last June, on the afternoon of last April 30 at the Abbas family's home, in Novellara, there was a meeting and there was talk of how make Saman's corpse disappear, which may have been torn apart to make him disappear. The 16-year-old boy also denied parental responsibility, calling into question two other cousins, who, however, were not under investigation. L'murder investigation currently sees the 18-year-old's parents, her uncle Danish Hasnain (believed to be the material perpetrator) and a cousin under investigation (all fugitives); the other cousin is the only one arrested, in prison in Reggio Emilia.