“We need to get rid of the minimum wage.

There should be no such wages.

We have become accustomed for 30 years: the minimum wage, minimum wages.

We must get away from this.

There is no such thing anywhere else.

There is a living wage.

There is enough of him here.

And wages in any case should not be lower than the subsistence level, ”Nikolai Arefiev said in an interview with URA.RU.

Earlier it became known that a group of State Duma deputies from the LDPR faction and Senator Sergei Leonov on August 11 will submit to the lower house of parliament a bill to increase the minimum wage (minimum wage) from January 1, 2022 to 20 thousand rubles a month.

Svetlana Bessarab, member of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, commented on this proposal.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree setting the size of the subsistence minimum per capita and for the main socio-demographic groups of the population in Russia for 2022 in the amount of 11,950 rubles.