● The combination of flood fighting and epidemic fighting is a complicated situation that many political and legal police officers have never encountered before.

But they did not hesitate or flinch at all, always staying on the front line, maintaining a tenacious fighting force.

  ● From giving special party classes, holding special lectures on party history education, to going to the Red Holy Land to pursue the deeds of the revolutionary ancestors and receiving the baptism of the red spirit, from warning education to heroic model education, in the education of party history and the rectification of political and legal teams, the ideological "charges" Accumulate energy" and draw the strength to move forward

  ● In the face of disasters and risks, the police are often the first rescuers and they have to show themselves as tough guys, but they are also flesh and blood, and various sense organs will be impacted by disaster information, which can easily induce insomnia, emotional instability, etc. Mental problems such as anorexia and irritability

  ● It is necessary to change the traditional thinking and mode of "task deployment and despise police emotional management", make good use of warm, simple, relaxed, pragmatic and effective package of care measures, actively adopt scientific and warm safeguard measures, and establish "caring, alertness, and alertness" "Worry" is the concept of police police to enhance combat effectiveness, rational selection of police, scientific police, and real-time police dispatch

  □ Our reporter Wen Lijuan

  Not long ago, Huangfu Shenbin barely slept for 3 days.

  There are too many things to do. Huangfu Shenbin, 48, is the deputy director of the Ludong Village Police Station of the Zhongyuan Branch of the Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau in Henan Province. A complicated situation that has never been encountered.

  Without the slightest hesitation or retreat, he and his colleagues have always been on the front line, leading the team to rescue people and moving supplies on the front line of flood fighting; on the front line of epidemic prevention, leading the team to control and screen personnel, and did not take a good rest for a month and a half. .

  According to information from the Ministry of Public Security, from July 20 to August 18, public security organs across the country invested more than 2.5 million police personnel in the fight against epidemics and flood control.

In the period following the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of last year, political and legal agencies in many places, especially public security agencies, were fully staffed and made great contributions to winning the battle against the epidemic.

  What is it that made Huangfu Shenbin and his colleagues face all kinds of difficulties and pressures, always charging forward?

What is it that allows the vast number of political and legal officers, including Huangfu Shenbin, to prevent and control various hidden dangers and always maintain a tenacious combat effectiveness?

  In the past few days, reporters from the Rule of Law Daily felt that this came from the centripetal force brought about by the education of party history and the education and rectification of the political and legal team. The supporting force brought by the use, as well as the appeal and driving force shown by the police and the people’s fish and water emotions.

  These political and legal figures active on the front line of fighting the epidemic and disasters have become unforgettable memories in the battles without gunsmoke, and they have jointly composed a new era of political and legal hymns.

  Combination of learning education and education consolidation

  Stimulate the spirit of fighting spirit to draw forward strength

  On August 12th, Li Jian, the warden of Deshan Prison in Hunan Province, got up early as usual, guarding the gate of the surveillance area, watching the heavy AB door slowly opening in the drizzle, and watching a team disappear into surveillance. At the gate of the district, another team slowly emerged from inside.

  It has been 21 days since the last round of closed duty began.

In the meantime, their closed duty has been extended twice, and the whole dog days have quietly ended.

  On July 20, an epidemic occurred at Nanjing Lukou International Airport in Jiangsu.

Subsequently, multiple outbreaks spread across the country. my country is facing the most severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation since 2021, and Hunan is no exception.

  "This is a close encounter with the virus, which means that everyone who has not entered the supervision zone and is closed for duty is temporarily'unqualified.' Before they complete the 14-day centralized quarantine and pass the nucleic acid test, they will be closed for duty. The personnel will not have any reinforcements for rotation for the time being," said Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Deshan Prison Office.

  This duty mode is called the "14+14+14" mode in Deshan Prison, that is, all police forces are integrated into 3 rounds, 14 days of centralized isolation on duty, 14 days of closed duty, 14 days of home isolation, and so on. .

If the location is upgraded to a medium-high risk area, it will be upgraded to the "21+21+21" model accordingly.

  "We have been prepared for a long time. We knew from the moment that we were closed on duty. We must be the'cleanest person' in the event of an epidemic," said Luo Peng, deputy head of the Fifth Supervision District.

  Seeing the high mental state and tenacious fighting power of the police officers, Li Jian understood that this is the "camel spirit" that has taken root in the team.

He believes that this is a significant effect brought about by the education of party history and the education and rectification of the political and legal teams.

  From giving special party classes, holding special lectures on party history education, to going to the Red Holy Land to pursue the deeds of the revolutionary ancestors and receiving the red spirit baptism, from warning education to heroic model education, Li Jian and the police officers worked together to learn and educate and educate themselves. "Charging and storing energy", drawing on the power to move forward boldly.

  In particular, the on-site teaching of party history learning and education carried out at the Ren Bishi Memorial Hall on May 21st impressed Li Jian: Everyone watched the documentary "The People's Camel" and was said to be "if you can persist for a hundred steps, you should not take the ninety-nine steps." The spirit of "" is deeply affected, and he has deeply understood the essence of the "camel spirit" of Comrade Ren Bishi's firm belief, diligent administration, and self-restraint, which inspired the spirit of fighting spirit of the police officers.

  Party history is like a lamp, leading the way forward.

In the Changsha Intermediate People's Court, more than two hundred kilometers away from Changde, the strong appeal of party history study and education and the education and rectification of the political and legal team has inspired the vanguard volunteer service team of party members to be at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic.

  On the afternoon of August 10, Ma Bohua suddenly fainted on the street on duty.

On the way to the hospital, this 27-year-old party member was still vaguely reminding his companions not to take care of themselves and to keep their posts.

  After the outbreak of the epidemic, Ma Bohua, along with Huang Shifeng, the bailiff of the Changsha Intermediate Court, and Yuan Jiang from the Political Department, sank to the Chigang community in Yuhua District to carry out epidemic prevention work.

  In August, the Changsha sun was blazing. They worked continuously for more than ten hours a day under the scorching sun. They focused on checking the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in various stores in the Baogan area. Can wring out water.

But no matter how hard and tired they are, they have never retreated.

  "This is the original intention of a Communist Party member." Sun Shuang, the Office of Propaganda and Education of Changsha Intermediate Court, said with deep feeling.

  Where is the battlefield where the party flag is flying

  Party building leads to effectively build a strong line of defense against the epidemic

  "As a Communist Party member and an immigration management police, fighting the epidemic on the front line of the border is a test for us at a critical moment. We will definitely complete this glorious and arduous task." Li Shengjun, the instructor of the border police station, led the civilian auxiliary police to solemnly swear an oath under the party's banner.

  At present, strictly preventing the import of overseas epidemics is the top priority of epidemic prevention and control.

Mangshi is at the forefront of "foreign defense import." The border management detachment of Yunnan Dehong border management team stationed here regards the prevention of the epidemic as an overriding major political task.

  "We put ideological and political construction in a prominent position, and strive to create a party-building pattern of'party flags flying, battle flags high, and police badges shining', and resolutely build a strict line of defense for external defense input and internal defense rebound." Mangshi Border Management Brigade The policeman Tian Hongtao said.

  Wherever the battlefield is, the party flag will flutter.

The Mangshi Border Management Brigade, led by party building, has organized party member vanguards, prevention and control service teams, youth commandos, etc. at the 5 front-line party branches at the grassroots level. The party flag is flying high on each duty point and on each patrol vehicle to encourage Every auxiliary civilian police sticks to the front line and charges ahead.

  On July 28, Wang Song, director of the Zhongshan Border Police Station of the brigade, arrested two illegal immigrants in the area under his jurisdiction.

When talking about whether there was any worry about face-to-face with people smuggling with the new crown virus, he replied: "The epidemic is a police situation. At critical moments, the party emblem on our chest and the police emblem on top of our heads do not allow us to hesitate for a while, let alone. Allow us to take a step back."

  In the police stations of the border towns and towns in Mangshi, the police and the villages have adopted measures such as “keep the border, look at the gates, tighten the registration, catch up on duty, and start patrols” to implement closed, grid-based management and make effective use of it. The leading role of grassroots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members.

  Leading the team with party building to stimulate vitality and enhance combat effectiveness.

  “When the civilian auxiliary police swear an oath in front of the party flag, they felt from the bottom of their hearts that this was a kind of glory and was surging. When difficulties come, party members and police officers are bound to go first.” said Wang Xiaolong, director of the Chengguan Police Station of the Xinmi City Public Security Bureau, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. .

  At the end of July, Zhengzhou, which had just suffered from the "July 20" rainstorm, faced a menacing epidemic again.

The two villages under the charge of the Chengguan police station are listed as closed areas, and the epidemic prevention task is arduous.

At the mobilization meeting, the officers and policemen were invited, and Wang Xiaolong was quite moved by the momentum of resolutely overcoming all difficulties.

  "In recent years, we have insisted on'party building + team building', which has allowed everyone to maintain sufficient combat effectiveness. Together with the recognition of our efforts by the people, everyone has a strong motivation." Wang Xiaolong said.

  Nowadays, on the front line of epidemic prevention in Xinmi City, each party member of the Chengguan Police Station wears a red sleeve on his arm, and it says "I am a party member."

A policeman on duty said: "From the moment we put on the police uniform, we have shouldered a heavy responsibility to protect the safety of the masses."

  After the outbreak alert was sounded, the Justice Bureau of Jiangning District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province quickly established 6 party member vanguard commandos, 3 district management cadres, 1 section chief, 1 deputy director, and 1 staff member to take over the isolation hotel; 6 People were transferred to the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters; 2 people supported the Lukou Sealed Control Area, and 326 people sank to Qingyun Lane, Dongshan Community, Dongshan Street...

  Full staff, high efficiency, and dedication, this powerful anti-epidemic pattern has benefited from the Jiangning District Judicial Bureau’s firm grasp of the "bull nose" project of party building and leadership in recent years, and has created a strong judicial administrative team that is in danger. Always up to it.

  Change the traditional thinking mode of police management

  Typical cultivating tree takes the lead in vying to boost morale

  In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of last year, the policemen of the Baoshan Border Management Detachment in Yunnan have been operating at full capacity for more than 500 consecutive days.

They set up an epidemic prevention and control headquarters under the leadership of the chief official and the party committee members to take the lead in implementation. They created work mechanisms such as the "first-level service" involved in the epidemic, and built "three physical lines of defense" one by one.

  Professor Wei Yongzhong, director of the Research Center for Police Reform and Development of the People's Public Security University of China, has also been concerned about the problem of heavy workload of public security police under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.

  He believes that public security organs, police departments, and leading cadres at all levels should use the concept of "active policing" to plan innovative work deployment and task implementation methods, and change the traditional thinking of "deployment of heavy tasks and disregarding police emotional management". Model, make good use of warm, simple, relaxed, pragmatic and effective package of care measures, actively adopt scientific and warm safeguard measures, and establish the concept of "caring for the police and relieving the worries of the police" is the concept of improving combat effectiveness. , Real-time alarm adjustment.

  In the process of fighting the epidemic, the Baoshan Border Management Detachment created an atmosphere of taking the lead in fighting the epidemic.

All party members wrote "invitation to war" and "determination", which formed a strong demonstration and driving effect.

At the same time, it carried out "Immigration Management Police Professionalism" tour presentations and art tour activities, launched the promotional film "Western Yunnan Xiongguan", and the original MV "Continued Glory" and "Defense" to inspire the team to boost morale and confidence in decisive victory.

  Strengthening model training and leading the steady progress of the anti-epidemic work is also a kind of "active policing" measure for the Baoshan Border Management Detachment to overcome difficulties.

They carried out a number of typical creation and promotion activities such as "Pioneer of Epidemic Prevention", "Maple Bridge-style Border Police Station", and held the "Five Bridge Story Meeting" and "Models Around Us" advanced deeds sharing sessions to promote typical advanced deeds, promote righteousness, and boost morale .

  In Mangshi, the border management brigade went deep into the front line of epidemic prevention to carry out the "battlefield awards and awards to the front line" activity, sending the care and warmth of the brigade and higher party committees to the front line.

At the Bangda duty point, the brigade leaders read out the commendation notice on the spot and issued certificates of honor to the commended civilian auxiliary police on the spot.

  The commended police officer Yang Jiyuan said: "Honor is an affirmation of the past and an encouragement for the future. I will continue to be brave to take the lead and charge forward."

  The Deshan Prison in Hunan Province has emerged for 26 years, such as Liu Shengjun, the head of the prison, who silently stayed at the front line of the prison, and a number of advanced models.

From the outbreak of the epidemic last year to the end of August of that year, he participated in a total of 107 days of closed duty and 52 days of standby duty. In April last year, he participated in duty for the entire month.

  It is under the influence of the huge positive energy brought by these typical characters that all the police officers have undergone a baptism of thought, and their combat effectiveness has increased.

  The tough guy rushing forward is also a flesh and blood body

  Behind the hero needs more care and warmth

  While working hard, the small gym above the police station became a frequent place for Huangfu Shenbin.

The small gym is one of the "five small projects" (small canteen, small laundry room, small bathroom, small reading room, small gym) launched by the public security organs in recent years. For Huangfu Shenbin and other police officers on the front line, the brief release of pressure in the gym really came in handy.

  The normalization of epidemic prevention and control, coupled with the emergence of sudden disasters such as torrential rains, has put pressure on the political and legal officers on the front line, and mental health issues require further attention.

  Chen Li, a psychologist at the Ministry of Public Security, told reporters that in peaceful times, the police are one of the professions that bear the greatest psychological pressure.

In the face of disasters and risks, the police are often the first rescuers and they have to show themselves as tough guys, but they are also flesh and blood, and various sense organs will be impacted by disaster information. For example, witnessing bloody scenes can easily induce insomnia, Psychological problems such as emotional instability, anorexia and irritability.

  "If they are allowed to hide and lick their wounds alone, and cannot self-repair their psychological trauma, they may induce mental illness over time," Chen Li said.

  The Baoshan Border Management Detachment is fully aware of this problem.

To this end, they opened a mental health service hotline for the civilian auxiliary police, carried out "Mental Health Service Grassroots Lines" and mental health lectures, accurately ascertained and grasped the ideological dynamics, family difficulties and practical needs of the grassroots policemen, and did a deep and practical ideological and political work. Services such as education, mental health, life support, and medical assistance have strengthened the determination and confidence of the civilian auxiliary police to join the fight.

  The Chengguan Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Xinmi City has also introduced a series of mechanisms to prevent the auxiliary police from showing negative emotions: two police camp open days each year, inviting family members to stay in, learn about the specific work of the police, and enhance understanding; , The unit will coordinate to solve the worries; set up a psychological counseling room, equipped with psychological counselors; select police camp stars every month...

  Director Wang Xiaolong also added a task to himself: chatting with one-third of the civilian auxiliary police about current situation and problems every month, and providing psychological counseling.

  In Wei Yongzhong's view, the heavy workload and psychological pressure of police officers, especially public security officers, have something to do with the current lack of police force.

It is recommended to establish a modern police system, make use of science and technology to make up for the lack of police power, improve the efficiency of police work through technological empowerment, promote the reform of police mechanism, and push the actual police combat to be efficient, accurate, fast and optimized.

  "Political work departments should use scientific and technological means, communication technology, etc. to establish a mechanism for rapid and timely communication with the front-line police in epidemic prevention and control. The emotions can be adjusted through the'six-out' method, that is, speak out, sing out, shout out, cry out, write out, Call it out; at the same time, it is necessary to dynamically grasp the actual emotions of the police, and take personalized or universal psychological relief in time; give full play to the role of family members, colleagues, friends, etc., and tell the wonderful and moving police stories during the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control process." Wei Yongzhong said.

  "The professional attributes of police officers and law officers determine their working environment. There are two main working environments: the organization creates a warm atmosphere with a strong sense of belonging, so that heroes fighting outside feel that the organization is a strong backing; the family said, "Don't worry, I have me at home. , I will always wait for you', it is worth a thousand words." Psychological counselor Yu Yanqian said.

  Before the end of the interview, a policeman told reporters that he and his wife are both policemen, "I am in the west of the city, and she is in the east of the city, more than ten kilometers apart. We have not seen each other for more than two months..." He said, In Shuangjiao family, there is a related policy mentioning that in principle, both parties will not be on duty at the same time. I hope this policy can be implemented more effectively in the future. "But under the current situation of such tense epidemic and flood prevention, our husband and wife are willing to continue to fight on the front line."