The joint military exercises conducted by the US and South Korean troops in anticipation of an emergency on the Korean Peninsula ended on the 26th.

No military provocation by North Korea, which was strongly opposed to this exercise, has been confirmed, but the United States and South Korea continue to monitor the trend.

According to South Korean military officials, the joint military exercises that the US and South Korean troops had been conducting since the 16th of this month in anticipation of an emergency on the Korean Peninsula have ended on the afternoon of the 26th.

In the exercise, the US and South Korean forces confirmed the cooperation, focusing on the exercise on the map using a computer.

The scale was reduced in consideration of the infection status of the new coronavirus, and only the necessary personnel participated in the distributed locations.

A spokesman for the Korean Ministry of Defense, who had a press conference prior to the end of the exercise, said, "I can't explain the details, but it's proceeding normally," and did not disclose the details or evaluation of the exercise.

North Korea was strongly opposed to this exercise, and it was pointed out that it could be a military provocation, but a South Korean military official said, "During the exercise, a peculiar trend by North Korea has been confirmed. There is no such thing. "

On the other hand, South Korean media reported that North Korea has not responded to calls on the north-south contact route that was restored last month since the 10th of this month, and the U.S. and South Korea continue to watch North Korea's trends. increase.

North Korea criticizes again

On the 26th, the final day of the joint military exercise by the US and South Korean troops, North Korea posted an article on its state-owned website that criticized the exercise again.

The article accuses the exercise of a confrontational stance against North Korea, saying, "It's a dangerous play of fire that took place as part of preparing for the invasion of us. It's a betrayal and warlike act."

On the other hand, the South Korean military's statement that the exercise is "defensive" is "just a shallow scheme to justify the peace-destructive criminal acts that are being carried out in collusion with external forces." Insisted that it was unacceptable.

In addition, North Korea is currently not responding to calls via the contact route with South Korea, which was restored last month, but with this in mind, "Ignoring the opportunity for conversion that was finally arranged in the expectations of those who wish for peace and stability. "I chose a dangerous path," he said, saying that the situation was worsening on the Korean side.