The SPD currently seems to trust its candidate to do everything.

Olaf Scholz can even ensure good weather, says Frankfurt party chairman Mike Josef.

According to the forecasts, it should have become cloudy, instead the evening sun shines over the rooftop bar. A good thousand people came to the rooftop of the stock exchange car park in Frankfurt on Thursday for the election campaign.

Matthias Trautsch

Coordination of the Rhine-Main report.

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The sentence of the Frankfurt SPD boss is not meant seriously, but expresses the mood that currently prevails in the party pretty well. A party that has suffered many low blows and is now, almost a month before the election, even leading in some polls. After short speeches by the Frankfurt SPD Bundestag applicants Armand Zorn and Kaweh Mansoori, the main character enters the stage, accompanied by thumping beats and euphoric applause.

But Scholz remains true to Scholz and his sober style. Inciting rhetoric and attacks against political opponents are not part of it. Not even a whimsical sentence to start with. Instead, serious words about Afghanistan. In keeping with a currently extremely successful election campaign strategy: This is someone who knows government responsibility and who already bears it as finance minister. Someone who, as a candidate, behaves like a chancellor.