The room shortage among students will increase sharply this year because more students are now looking for a room due to the corona virus, director Jolan de Bie of knowledge center Kences told



The housing shortage seems to have returned unabated in many student cities after a quieter year, but the shortage is not yet greater than in previous years everywhere, according to a tour of

The shortage is already increasing this year due to the corona virus, according to the knowledge center.

Not only are (international) first-year students looking for a house, second-year students who continued to live at home last year because of the pandemic, are now also looking for accommodation.

The fact that the problems are greater than in previous years can already be seen in Twente.

At least four hundred foreign students are still looking for a room, while it is not clear how many Dutch students still want to move to the east.

"We are afraid that not all students will be able to find a room in time," spokesperson Laurens van der Velde of the University of Twente told

"We recently informed the foreign students about the difficult situation, and warned them that it is not wise to travel to Twente by chance. This can lead to great disappointment," says Van der Velde.

Shortages not yet bigger everywhere, students received in hostels

Other cities also see that many students are looking for housing, but say that this is not more than in previous years.

However, this year too (temporary) measures will be taken to ensure that the students do not end up on the street.

"We see that it is very difficult for many students to find a room, especially for international students," said Utrecht University spokesman Maarten Post.

"We reserve a number of rooms for them every year, but they are already full."

It forces the university to look for creative solutions.

For example, foreign students can stay in Stayokay hotels and find a new place from there.

"We urge them to start searching early," says Post.

It is not clear how many students are still looking for a room in Utrecht.

According to Post, the pressure is "certainly no less" than in other years.

The municipality of Groningen has set up emergency shelter for students who really have no place to stay overnight.

Staying in the rooms on Donderslaan in the city is really temporary, the spokesperson emphasizes.

"At the moment there is quite a place to spend the night, for example in a hostel. Within the period that you are staying in the emergency shelter, you have to move on to another room. We usually see that it will be fine."

Many new student rooms will be built in the coming years

The shortage of student rooms will only increase in the coming years: in the academic year 2024-2025 there will be a shortage of housing for 50,000 students, estimates De Bie in



According to Kences, the number of students in higher education will increase by more than 100,000 by the 2024-2025 academic year, about half of whom will live away from home.

Cities are also taking the rising demand into account.

In Leiden, for example, a need for 2,700 extra student rooms is taken into account.

Work is therefore underway on building these homes in various places in the city, a municipal spokesperson told this website.

According to Kences, eighteen thousand new student residences will be built in the coming years. De Bie: "The shortage can only be limited to 50,000 in the quietest time of the year if they are actually built."