The commander of the US Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, expected that ISIS attacks would continue in Afghanistan, ruling out that the Taliban were involved in the Kabul airport bombings, one of which was claimed by the organization.

McKenzie said in a press conference at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) that the bombing was followed by shooting, noting that "the evacuations from Afghanistan will continue despite the grief over the dead."

The commander of the US Central Command stated that 12 members of the US forces were killed in the bombing of the "Abi" gate at Kabul airport, noting that "roads must be closed, and the Taliban told us that they intend to do so, with the increasing threats of a car bomb attack."

"We do not provide the Taliban with all the information we have, but only some of it to prevent attacks," he added, noting that some attacks were thwarted, and that sharing information with the Taliban is aimed at facilitating their adequate inspections.

Part of the press conference at the headquarters of the US Department of Defense (agencies)

McKenzie said that there are flaws in the process of checking arrivals at the airport, and that work is underway to improve inspection mechanisms, adding, "We continue to assess what happened in Kabul, and we, with our Afghan partners, are inspecting arrivals at the airport."

"We are doing what we can in anticipation of ISIS attacks, including communicating with the Taliban," the US general said, stressing that the US military would pursue those responsible for the Kabul attacks, and that the search for them was underway.

He explained that the Pentagon is assessing the number of forces needed in Kabul, and that what is currently available is sufficient despite the threats, adding, "We focus on the security of our forces in Kabul and the evacuees, while our operations continue."

A third explosion shook the vicinity of Kabul International Airport on Thursday evening, which resulted from the destruction of weapons and ammunition by US forces inside the airport, after two previous explosions that killed and wounded dozens, including 12 American soldiers, and the Islamic State claimed one of these explosions.