China News Service, August 26. According to Japanese media reports, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s term as president of the Liberal Democratic Party will expire on September 30. Related sources revealed on August 25 that Fumio Kishida, the former political chairman of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, has basically decided. Participate in the presidential election.

  The Liberal Democratic Party will hold a presidential election management committee meeting and a temporary general affairs meeting on the 26th to finalize the election schedule of "announcement on September 17 and voting on the 29th."

Different from the simple way of voting by members of the Diet and the Federation of Prefectures and Branches in September 2020, the voting of party members and party members will be implemented this time.

The dissolution of the House of Representatives is likely to be placed in October after the presidential election.

  Yoshihide Suga has begun to consider dissolving the House of Representatives in early October after the vote is counted if he is re-elected in the presidential election of multiple candidates.

After meeting with the secretary general Toshihiro Nikai at the party headquarters on the 25th, he held a COVID-19 response headquarters meeting at the official residence.

The non-partisan group of parliamentarians who supported Suga Yoshihide met in the Congress, and also aimed to dissolve the House of Representatives and hold a general election to analyze the situation.

  Kishida's candidacy is the second time after losing to Suga Yoshihide in 2020.

On the 25th, he held consultations with Kishida faction officials in his own office in the Diet. The chief of affairs of the Kishida faction, Neat Takumi, visited the former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the parliament.

According to analysis, this move is intended to win the support of the influential Abe from the Hosoda faction, the party's largest faction. However, Abe has indicated that he supports Suga Yoshihide's re-election.