Current political scene review丨Follow the footsteps of the general secretary to Saihanba to see the trees, see the people and see the spirit

  Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm

  A miracle of a wasteland turning into a sea of ​​forests

  From 18 provinces and cities across the country 59 years ago

  Entrepreneurship with an average age of only 24

  Gather the southern edge of the Hunshandake Sandy Land in the northernmost part of Hebei Province

  Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm

  They work one after another

  Sow seeds in the sand, plant green in the crevices of the stones

  "Nail" a million acres of forest like a nail

  Use sweat, use youth, even use life

  On the deserted plateau

  Wrote an epic poem of epic heroes

△The former Saihanba

  August 23, 2021

  General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Moon Mountain of Saihanba Machinery Forest Farm

  Observe the natural scenery of the forest farm

  Listen to Hebei's overall planning and promotion

  Landscape, forest, field, lake, grass and sand system control

  Introduction to the management and protection of the forest farm

  Visit the ranger

△Saihanba today

  The Moon Mountain Wanghai Tower is one of the nine Wanghai Towers in the whole forest farm

  Integrate fire protection observation and resource management and protection

  Can effectively observe about 150,000 acres of forest around

  The general secretary in Wanghailou, Moon Mountain

  And the watchman who has been standing there for 13 years

  Liu Jun and Wang Juan had a cordial exchange

  During the critical period of fire prevention

  The watchman will watch the report every 15 minutes

  It can be said that it is days and nights without stopping for years and months

△Liu Jun and Wang Juan from Wanghai Tower

  Leaving Moon Mountain Wanghailou

  The general secretary came to Shanghai Memorial Forest

  Observe the forest growth on the spot

  Understand the forest farm and promote the spirit of Saihanba

  Promote high-quality development, etc.

△Shanghai Memorial Forest

  Shanghai Memorial Forest Yisaihanba Mechanical Forest Farm

  Named by Wang Shanghai, the first party secretary

  After experiencing successive setbacks at the beginning of the establishment in 1964

  Wang Shanghai leads everyone to overcome difficulties and explore new technologies

  Organized the horseshoe pit mechanical afforestation competition

  This battle created a precedent for mechanical planting of coniferous forests in China

  Kicked off large-scale afforestation

  Shanghai Memorial Forest Today

  It was the camp area where the horseshoe pit battle was held.

△Saihanba Forest Farm Construction Information Screen

  The general secretary of this forest farm has always been concerned

  Four years ago, the general secretary emphasized

  The builders of Saihanba Forest Farm made it

  Keep in mind the mission of Saihanba spirit of hard work, pioneering and green development

  During this inspection, the general secretary emphasized

  Saihanba spirit is part of Chinese civilization

  It is part of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communist Party

  The whole party and the people of the whole country must carry forward this spirit

△ Tree planting picture of modern Saihanba Forest Farm

  Come to Saihanba to experience the spirit of Saihanba

  Yang Yu thinks

  The vivid example of Saihanba's ecological civilization construction tells us

  As long as we adhere to the concept of green development for a long time

  It will be able to keep the green hills flowing in the clear water

  Saihanba spirit enlightens us

  Great dreams are not waiting to be shouted out

  And it must have been spelled out

  General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Saihanba

  It’s a visit, it’s a compliment, it’s a call

  The deeds of the Saihanba builders can be learned and done

  Saihanba's spirit can be traced

  Saihanba has mountains, waters, forests and greens

  Saihanba people have roots, souls, courage and love

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