The sampling criteria have been updated in Pirkanmaa, says Aamulehti.

Corona testing in the hospital district has been severely congested.

According to the magazine, people who have been fully vaccinated (two doses of the vaccine and the last dose for more than a week) no longer need to apply for corona sampling if they have mild symptoms of a respiratory infection.

The recommendation does not apply to individuals who are known to be exposed to a coronavirus infection, nor to social and health care workers - they are still being tested at a low threshold.

According to Aamulehti, the new guidelines are based on recent recommendations from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

However, as a respiratory symptom, one should not go to work and human contact should be avoided until the symptoms have subsided.

The corona situation in the spreading province of Pirkanmaa has eased over the past month.

The toughest readings at the beginning of August have come down at a rapid pace, with a total of 229 infections last week, the lowest since mid-July.

Coronavirus cases are increasingly concentrated in younger age groups.

According to last week's statistics, the virus is now most prevalent in the Pirkanmaa hospital district among 10–19-year-olds.

Last week, 226 new corona infections were diagnosed in Pirkanmaa.

The source of the infections was found with certainty in 66 per cent, or 149 infections.