Helena Andersson was 22 years old when she disappeared in connection with a night out in Mariestad on the night of June 14, 1992. The next day, Helena's sandals and two of her rings were found near her parents' home.

Her body has never been found.

Call the Fall group

Over the years, several people have been suspected of involvement in Helena's disappearance.

After the police's cold case group took on the investigation last year, the suspicions fell on a person who had appeared in the investigation before, but not as a suspect.

On Monday, the man was arrested, a Mariestad resident who is now in his 60s.

Denies crime

The arrest hearings are being held in Skaraborg District Court in Skövde.

- He stumbled into the hall with a white blanket over his head, says SVT Nyheter's West's reporter who is on site during the arrest hearing.

The man denies the crime through his defense lawyer Thomas Berner.

The arrest hearing is being held behind closed doors.

SVT Nyheter Väst's reporter Bosse Carlqvist is present at the arrest negotiations in Skövde.

Photo: SVT

In the video, you get a summary of what has happened in the Helena case - in 60 seconds.

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Helena Andersson disappeared in 1992 - in the video you get a summary of the case.

Photo: Private