From a tree on the wasteland

  To the world’s largest plantation sea

  In half a century of time

  Saihanba people from generation to generation, drawing by stroke

  Describe the miracle that the wasteland has turned into a sea of ​​forests

  Keep going for a long time

  A new journey begins

  Listen to Song Tao sing

  The new Saihanba story

  At the Three Rivers of the Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm, a car drove by the road located on the outer edge of the forest area.

Larch forests are lush and lush, and the sandy ground outside the field has become increasingly rare.

People go into the sand and retreat, and work for a long time.

On August 23, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm in Hebei Province for investigation and investigation.

  Saihanba has one million acres of forest and sea, and 9 "Wanghai Towers" stand on high points everywhere, and 18 watchmen are on duty all the year round to monitor the fire.

  The strong wind blew up and Zhao Fuzhou, a 61-year-old watchman, climbed to the top floor of the "Wanghailou" to view the forest area.

  Ranger Xin Changfu rode a motorcycle through the forest farm.

The forest is like a child, taking care of it when it grows up, and slowly becoming a part of many people's lives.

  Forest farm workers will tend to thin the forest areas with excessive density, and the production benefits will be reused for scientific planting in the forest farm.

  In larch forests, the seedlings planted for tending have survived.

  Wetland is a precious ecological resource of Saihanba.

The site has a total of 103,000 mu of natural wetland, where forests, fields, lakes and grasses coexist harmoniously.

  The morning dew hangs on the pine branches, reflecting the blue sky.

  At night, a full moon quietly rises, and Lin Hai sinks into tranquility.

  Producer丨Shen Yongquan Yuhong

  Planning丨Shen Chen

  Photography丨Li Jin

  Late stage丨Lu Zehong, Lei Hong, Guo Wen, Mao Yaning