Stalin, Mao, the Kim family - and now Xi Jinping.

The communist world has produced a number of gods.

So now school children and students in the People's Republic of China have to waste their valuable time recognizing the "truthfulness" of the "teachings" of state and party leader Xi Jinping.

The moment is probably not far off when “Words of Chairman Xi” will have to be stored in every smartphone;

just as once the "words of Chairman Mao" had to be recited senselessly in book form.

It is clear what goal Xi is pursuing by establishing his "teaching" as a subject.

He wants to perpetuate his power.

Yet it is one of the iron laws of history that nothing is eternal.

How did you deserve it?

For a man looking to make China the leading power of the 21st century, this is a remarkably short-sighted approach.

The well-being of the country and its position in the world will depend crucially on the ability of the people to face economic and other challenges.

To do this, they have to be trained as well as possible.

The “lessons” of a leader shaped by the cultural revolution of the 1960s are not suitable for this. That will prove to be one day. Xi Jinping will not see that day again. And Generation Xi will wonder how they actually deserved this “educational experience”.