Exclusive video丨Xi Jinping: Carry forward the spirit of Saihanba and make further contributions on a new journey

  General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Shanghai Memorial Forest of Saihanba Machinery Forest Farm on the afternoon of the 23rd.

The memorial forest is located in the battle zone of the original horseshoe pit afforestation. It is the spiritual birthplace of Saihanba and the origin of millions of mu of forests.

Xi Jinping had a cordial exchange with staff representatives of the forest farm. He emphasized that what you are doing is very demonstrative and has an stimulating effect and a far-reaching impact on the construction of national ecological civilization.

The Saihanba spirit is an integral part of the spiritual pedigree of the Communist Party of China.

The whole party and the people of the country must carry forward this spirit and develop a green economy and ecological civilization.

Saihanba must have a deeper understanding of the concept of ecological civilization, make persistent efforts, start a new business, and make new contributions on the new journey.