With the rapid development of the Internet, the construction of network integrity is becoming more and more important

  Let users have a clear and clear Internet environment

  The rapid development of the Internet has penetrated into all areas of the economy and society, and the importance of network integrity has become more and more prominent.

The 47th "Statistical Report on China's Internet Development Status" shows that by the end of 2020, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 989 million, and the Internet penetration rate has reached 70.4%.

Promoting and ensuring a clean and lively Internet environment is not only the meaning of protecting Internet users and improving the satisfaction of Internet users, but also a necessary content for strengthening the development and construction of the Internet.

  Live fake sales undermine buyer trust

  In August last year, the Internet celebrity anchor Liao was taken away by the police while selling clothes in the live broadcast room. This became the first case of an online celebrity selling fake goods in a live broadcast in Shanghai, which caused heated discussions on the Internet.

According to the police, after the anchor received the high appearance fee, he promoted and marketed counterfeit goods for the merchants, and obtained a commission based on sales afterwards.

In addition, after the live broadcast, all purchase links and review videos involving counterfeit products will be deleted.

At the end of June this year, Liao and his team were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and fined for the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks.

  It's not uncommon to see fake sales on live broadcast. In May of this year, a well-known anchor broadcast live broadcast of the so-called "tide brand joint hanging ear fans" and sold them at a price of 198 yuan each.

The next day, the authenticity of the joint name was questioned by a fashion blogger.

After that, the anchor team admitted that the product selection was wrong, and said that "consumers can apply for a full refund at any time."

  The live broadcast of goods is getting more and more popular, and fake sales incidents also occur from time to time.

For anchors, the more sales, the better, but selling fakes without a moral bottom line harms the interests of consumers and undermines the trust of buyers, and encourages businesses to grab illegal profits.

More importantly, similar deceptive behaviors have caused some trauma to the construction of network integrity.

  Experts point out that cyber integrity refers to the state of natural persons, legal persons, and unincorporated organizations with full civil capacity, respecting ethics, observing the law, fulfilling contracts, and abiding by promises in cyberspace activities.

The "China Network Integrity Development Report" released in December 2020 pointed out that network integrity is the extension of social order in cyberspace and the embodiment of social integrity in cyberspace. Every network entity should strictly observe the bottom line of morality and jointly strengthen the construction of network integrity. .

  Legislation to combat online dishonesty

  In actual activities, various entities may undermine the construction of network integrity, such as network fraud, infringement and disclosure of personal privacy, spreading false information, infringement and piracy, live broadcast sales, and traffic sales fraud.

To cultivate honest and trustworthy online behaviors, we must pay attention to legislation and regulations, and make the online environment more vigorous and vigorous through heavy blows.

  In recent years, a series of laws and regulations have been formulated and promulgated to provide a strong guarantee for the healthy development of network integrity.

In April 2021, the 28th meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress reviewed the draft of the Personal Information Protection Law; in July, the "Network Security Review Measures (Revised Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" was publicly solicited for comments; The Data Security Law of the People's Republic of China will be implemented.

The maintenance of network integrity requires strong legal constraints. Jiang Wei, vice president of the China Law Society, pointed out that only by governing the Internet in accordance with the law can we create a clear and airy cyberspace.

  At the same time, law enforcement actions against illegal and untrustworthy cybercrime are also being launched one after another.

Last year, the "Jianwang 2020" operation severely cracked down on all kinds of online infringement and piracy. Copyright enforcement and supervision departments at all levels deleted more than 3 million infringement and piracy links, closed more than 2,800 infringement and piracy websites and applications, and investigated and handled 724 online infringement and piracy cases. Pieces.

This year's "Qing Lang" special action focused on network traffic fraud, illegal public relations and other aspects, and rectified the disorder of manuscript sources and inappropriate content in the news information posted on the web.

  Technical support to build a strong line of defense

  Luan Yimei, a professor at the School of Journalism of Renmin University of China, pointed out that ethics, rule of law, and technology are the "three swordsmen" of network integrity construction. In recent years, China has used big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to accelerate network integrity construction, especially in anti-telecommunications network fraud. It has achieved gratifying results.

  Take the "National Anti-Fraud Center" app that went online this year as an example. Once a suspicious person calls or text messages are received, or the text contains suspicious URLs or apps, this application software will warn users.

Another 12381 (public service telephone platform) fraud warning and dissuasion short message system can promptly send warning and dissuade short messages to potential victims.

  How can the platform know about the single-line contact with the fraud suspect?

Wei Liang, director of the Security Research Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said: “The platform is connected to the Ministry of Public Security, 31 provincial communications administrations and other units online, and received fraudulent numbers, domain names, URLs, IPs, and Internet accounts provided by the Ministry of Public Security. After that, the number attribution can be located within a few seconds, and then distributed to the corresponding basic telecommunications companies for real-time processing, and finally the company’s processing results are fed back to the Ministry of Public Security."

  In addition to pretending to be the police, public prosecutors, banks, companies, etc. to implement online financial fraud, the use of online friends to induce victims to invest in a new type of fraud-"killing pig disk" is also a major "hardest hit area" for the construction of online integrity.

Behaviors such as abnormal IP login and frequent changes of account information are marked; accounts suspected of fraudulent risks are identified and blocked; when sensitive words such as "transfer" appear in the chat, anti-fraud prompts are displayed on this page to remind users to pay attention.

The social application software Soul builds a risk control system for detecting and combating fraudulent activities by strengthening the information recognition of text, voice, image and video.

Since the software itself does not have a transfer function, when the system detects that there is an obvious tendency to guide users to transfer to other platforms and implement further fraud, the information will be blocked.

Relevant persons in charge stated that they will strictly crack down on "killing pigs" and all behaviors that endanger the security of the platform, and escort users' social interactions.

  Experts pointed out that technical assistance should not be underestimated. Anti-fraud was difficult to control in the past. When the police learned of fraud information, the victims often suffered economic losses and it was difficult to recover the money.

Now technology empowers, integrating data collection and analysis, effectively improving the anti-fraud level of anti-fraud in advance.

  Reporter: Wang Jingyue