Tunisian President Kais Saied has decided to extend "until further notice" the freezing of parliament, whose activities have been suspended since the July 25 coup, which allowed Kais Saied to take all powers, a announced the presidency on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Kais Saied "issued a presidential decree extending the exceptional measures concerning the freezing of the activities of the Parliament as well as the lifting of the immunity of all the deputies and this, until further notice", indicated the presidency in a brief press release on his Facebook page.

A coup "

The freeze on parliament was originally scheduled to last 30 days.

"The president will address the Tunisian people in the coming days," added the presidency, without further details.

On July 25, Kais Saied invoked the constitution to grant himself full powers, dismiss the head of government and suspend parliament for 30 days.

A decision denounced as a "coup" by jurists as well as opponents of Kais Saied, in particular the Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party, the main parliamentary force in this country plagued by months of political blockages and an alarming progression of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Since his coup, President Saied has still not appointed a new government or unveiled his “road map”, demanded by several political parties and civil society organizations.


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