It turns out that the Taliban, an insurgent in power in Afghanistan, is calling on the trading industry in neighboring Iran to intensify trade between the two countries.

It can be seen that the Taliban, which has been scrutinized by Europe and the United States over human rights, is trying to find a way to trade with Iran.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban, which has seized power, are continuing discussions with influential people to establish a government.

Under these circumstances, Hamid Hosseini, an executive of an industry group made up of petroleum product exporters in neighboring Iran, told NHK that "Taliban's local executives, customs, and business people said to Iran that they would deepen their cooperation. I want to do that, "he said, revealing that Tullivan is calling for more trade with Iran.

According to Mr. Hosseini, the Taliban already controls imports and exports at the border, collects taxes, and prepares a list of tax rates for more than 130 items such as gasoline and food, and shows them to Iran. is.

Since the Taliban once ruled oppressively, it can be seen that the West is paying close attention to human rights and other issues, and that the Taliban are trying to find a way to trade with Iran.

On the other hand, Iran is also suffering from severe stagnation in business with each country due to the influence of US sanctions, Mr. Hosseini said, "Taliban needs Iran, Iran needs the market in Afghanistan."