Russia: Vladimir Putin seeks to flatter his electorate in the run-up to legislative elections

Vladimir Putin, pictured speaking at the United Russia Congress on August 24, 2021 in Moscow.

AP - Grigory Sysoev

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With less than a month before the legislative elections, Vladimir Putin participated in the congress of the ruling party, United Russia.

The opportunity for the Russian president to flatter his electorate, by distributing one-off subsidies and calling on the party to listen and support the weakest elements of society.


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With our correspondent in Moscow,

Jean-Didier Revoin

Next month, when the next legislative elections will take place, retirees, whether they work or not, will receive a single bonus equivalent to 115 euros.

For the military and those working in security, its amount will reach 173 euros.

Sums which remain considerable compared to the average wages practiced in Russia.

This announcement by the Russian president aims to win the favor of his base electorate, who could be destabilized by the rise in the price of raw materials and inflation. But that's not all: in front of the representatives of United Russia, Vladimir Poutine announced a whole series of new funding for doctors and health, large families, infrastructure development, forest protection ...

In short, the opportunity for the president to show that he is aware of the problems that the Russians encounter on a daily basis and that the United Russia program is totally devolved on the people.

It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to prevent the sinking of Russia's first party.

According to the latest polls, United Russia is credited with only 27% of voting intentions while the legislative elections will take place in mid-September.

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