According to experts, the proportion of vaccinated people in Russia should be increased to 80%.

“I think this is a question (about the optimal dose of the vaccinated. -


) for professional epidemiologists.

On average, they say that this figure should strive for 80% "- quotes Interfax as saying Protsenko.

He added that there are still concerns among doctors that flu will be added to the coronavirus.

“We are not losing our alertness.

Vaccination against coronavirus, vaccination against influenza, adherence to social distance, a mask - these are measures that remain relevant, ”said the head physician.

The Ministry of Health of Russia has previously updated the temporary guidelines for vaccination against coronavirus infection COVID-19.

They talk about the need for medical organizations carrying out vaccinations to organize individual work with citizens over 60 years old.

The document also contains an extended section that deals with the vaccination of patients with HIV infection.