The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) is taking over the investigation into the security of Peter R. de Vries and expanding it by also looking at the security situation of the shot dead brother of crown witness Nabil B. and his former lawyer Derk Wiersum.

Outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus hereby admits to the criticism that had arisen.

Lawyers Peter Schouten and Onno de Jong, with whom De Vries together formed the defense team, doubted the impartiality of the intended research leader Tjibbe Joustra.

The man is a former National Coordinator for Counterterrorism, predecessor of the NCTV, which is the subject of investigation.

After discussions with counsel, relatives of De Vries involved and experts, Grapperhaus has decided to leave the investigation to the OVV, although the minister himself says that he does not doubt Joustra's impartiality.

At the same time, the investigation will be broadened by also looking at the situation of Reduan B., who was shot dead in 2018 and Wiersum, who was murdered in 2019.

In these two cases too, there was a lot of criticism about the lack of security and possible underestimation of the threat.

De Vries was shot in Amsterdam on 6 July and died of his wounds on 15 July.

Although the OVV may determine the research question itself, it is the intention that lessons are learned from these incidents.

Lawyers urged for better security

Schouten and De Jong have said that they have repeatedly insisted on better security for De Vries.

They accuse the Ministry of Justice and Security of being naive when it comes to fighting serious crime and protecting a key witness.

The security of other parties involved in the Marengo process would also be insufficient.

Grapperhaus's move follows a decision on Monday by a majority of the House of Representatives to first hold a debate with the outgoing minister about the details of the investigation. It is not clear whether this debate is still necessary after the transfer of the research.