The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) is taking over the investigation into the security of Peter R. de Vries.

Outgoing Minister of Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus has asked the OVV to do so.

Previously, the investigation into the security of De Vries would be done by Tjibbe Joustra.

Lawyers for the key witness in the Marengo case and family members of De Vries doubted the impartiality of former National Coordinator for Counterterrorism Joustra.

After discussions with them, those involved and experts, Grapperhaus has decided to leave the investigation to the OVV, although the minister himself says that he does not doubt Joustra's impartiality.

De Vries was killed with bullets in July.

B.'s then lawyer Derk Wiersum met the same fate in September 2019.

Reduan B., the brother of the crown witness, was also killed by firearms violence in March 2018.

Lawyers Peter Schouten and Onno de Jong have repeatedly insisted on better security for De Vries, they said shortly after the attack on his life.

According to Schouten, more could have been done to protect De Vries.

A month later, B.'s lawyers called the Ministry of Justice and Security naive in combating serious crime and protecting a key witness.

They believe that the government has been lax in protecting those involved in the Marengo process.

Lawyers want independent chairman

The lawyers want the murders of the brother of crown witness Nabil B. (in 2018), his then lawyer Wiersum (2019) and De Vries (in July of this year) to be jointly investigated.

According to them, there should be an independent chairman for the investigation committee.

A majority of the House of Representatives announced on Monday that they first wanted a debate before an actual investigation into the security of De Vries, who died on 15 July. Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) has been asked not to take any irreversible steps regarding the investigation until then.