August 24, 2021 It is "yellow" on a large amount of cash, about 24,000 euros, found in an old dog kennel, during renovations, in the "CapalBioFattoria" agricultural estate in Capalbio (Grosseto), owned by the mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino, and his wife, Senator Monica Cirinnà of the Pd.

The banknotes were rolled up and tied with rubber bands, hidden between the tiles and wooden boards of a kennel built years ago to shelter a stray with puppies.

It was the owners themselves who reported to the carabinieri the accidental discovery of the money, which was seized.

The carabinieri have already asked the Bank of Italy to check whether the banknotes are the proceeds of a robbery: the hypothesis is in fact that of a criminal origin of the money, not excluding for example a possible drug trafficking, and that the have temporarily hidden by breaking into the estate.

The discovery dates back to a few days ago, when the workers and Montino's son had started maintenance work that also involved the old kennel: the euro banknotes appeared very deteriorated, without obvious signs, initials or tickets. , and it is difficult to guess how long they remained hidden there. The hypothesis therefore is that the kennel was used as a hiding place in a distant time by criminals active in the area.

According to the mayor Montino, it could be stolen goods put by someone some time ago who then did not come to take it back. In the meantime, however, to immediately silence rumors circulated on social networks and comments deemed inappropriate, Senator Cirinnà and Mayor Montino immediately gave the lawyer a mandate to "prosecute anyone who tries to overshadow the correctness and clarity of our work".

"Regarding the large amount of money found by chance in our company - they explain in a joint note - and that we promptly handed over to the carabinieri, we are happy that that money, most likely the result of some crime committed by criminals, will be available to the Fund unique for justice and that will be used for purposes of public utility - they still affirm -. This is the correct behavior that every honest citizen must keep and we are proud of what has been done. We are in contact with the Public Prosecutor's Office of Grosseto and with the provincial command of the carabinieri for information on the evolution of the investigations in order to ensure serenity and safety for our company ", they conclude.