The Rostock public prosecutor's office has started investigations against the former Interior Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lorenz Caffier (CDU), because of his controversial weapon purchases. "That is correct," said a spokesman for the judicial authority on Tuesday evening of the dpa. He thus confirmed a report by the Nordkurier, who had previously reported on the investigation. Accordingly, there is an initial suspicion of accepting benefits according to Section 331 of the Criminal Code. Caffier was not available for comment that evening. "He knows about the investigation, but has not yet appointed a lawyer," said the prosecutor's spokesman.

The judicial authorities had already started investigations against the arms dealer in May, from whom Caffier had bought a pistol as a private person.

According to earlier information, these investigations concern the suspicion that the dealer has violated the War Weapons Control Act.

The investigation against Caffier was a result of this process, said the prosecutor's spokesman.

The allegation of the possible acceptance of benefits against Caffier means that the latter could have accepted a service that he should not have accepted.

"One speaks of climate care," said the spokesman for the investigative authority.

Caffier resigned as Minister of the Interior after the arms purchase became known last November. In January 2018, the then minister, who is also a hunter, bought a pistol from the arms dealer. According to Caffier's account, the State Criminal Police Office only received information about right-wing extremist ideas on the part of the arms dealer and firing range operator in May 2019 - more than a year after the weapons were purchased. However, the man's name had already been mentioned in secret service circles in 2017 in connection with the prepper group “Nordkreuz”.