Regarding the situation in Afghanistan, an online meeting was held by the leaders of the G7 = seven major countries, and Prime Minister Suga said that he would contribute positively, saying that the need for humanitarian assistance to refugees is increasing. Was emphasized.

An online meeting of G7 leaders on the situation in Afghanistan was held from the night of the 24th to the early morning of the 25th, Japan time.

In this, Prime Minister Suga explained that he had dispatched a Self-Defense Forces aircraft to evacuate the remaining Japanese and Afghan staff at the embassy.

He pointed out that there is an increasing need for assistance to neighboring countries that accept refugees and humanitarian assistance to refugees in Afghanistan, and emphasized Japan's intention to contribute positively.

He also expressed the idea that it is necessary to ask the Taliban for the safety of personnel and the freedom of activities for humanitarian assistance.

The Taliban made statements that were conscious of the relationship with the international community, saying that it was an action that had not been seen in the past, while cooperating with evacuation, respecting human rights including women, and terrorizing Afghanistan again. He pointed out that it is necessary to pay close attention to actual actions such as not making it a hotbed, and expressed his intention to play a role in building wide-ranging cooperation for counterterrorism.

Announcement of Leaders' Statement

G7 = Seven major countries demand that their obligations under international human rights law, including the rights of women and minorities, be upheld and that they work in good faith to establish a government that represents the people. The leaders' statement was released.

The Leaders' Statement expressed serious concern about the situation in Afghanistan, calling for calm and restraint to ensure the safety of its citizens and the prevention of humanitarian crises, and under international human rights law, including the rights of women and minorities. It demands that the obligations of the government and international humanitarian law be observed.

He emphasized that Afghanistan should never be a refugee shelter or source of attacks for terrorism and will continue to fight terrorism with determination and unity, and establish an inclusive and representative government for all parties. To do so, we ask them to work in good faith.

He pointed out that an urgent priority was to evacuate the G7 people and the Afghans who had cooperated with them safely, and continued to work closely with them.

He will evaluate Afghan officials not by words but by actions, reaffirming that the Taliban are particularly responsible for the prevention of terrorism and actions related to the human rights of women and minorities.

And the legitimacy of the government in the future depends on complying with international obligations for the stability of Afghanistan.

Prime Minister "Close cooperation in avoiding humanitarian crisis"

At the Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Suga told reporters, "The G7 leaders exchanged messy opinions about the situation in Afghanistan, which is facing an important phase. As the G7, to avoid a humanitarian crisis. We requested that we make contributions and protect the rights of women, etc., and confirmed that we would work closely with them on measures against terrorism. "

After that, he explained, "I explained that we will dispatch SDF aircraft to the site to evacuate Japanese people and local staff of the embassy. We will continue to cooperate with the G7 and other related countries to ensure the safety of Japanese people. We will respond firmly to our priorities. First of all, we would like to bring the SDF aircraft to the site as soon as possible to realize a safe departure. "