• Covid: third dose of the vaccine in distribution in the US since September

  • Coronavirus, Fauci: in the US there will be a boom in obligations to vaccinate workers

  • Usa, Fda gives the green light to the third dose of vaccine for immunosuppressed people


August 24, 2021 According to virologist Anthony Fauci, the Biden administration's chief medical advisor, a breakthrough in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic is not foreseeable before the spring of 2022, and to do this, skeptics and opponents must be persuaded to get vaccinated.

"If most of the approximately 90 million Americans who have not been vaccinated do so by next winter, we will have good control by spring," he said, interviewed live by CNN.

Fauci corrected a previous statement released in another interview, in which he predicted that the situation would only be back under control with "the fall of 2022". "I apologize, that statement was incorrect," he said live. Fauci also recommended that people who have had Covid and are cured get vaccinated themselves: "this will give them enormous protection," the virologist said.  

He adds, "The Delta variant has an extraordinary ability to pass from person to person. So it's up to us. If we continue to linger without vaccinating people who should be vaccinated," the Covid-19 pandemic "could persist, leading to development. of another variant that could complicate things ".

For Fauci it is not possible to establish a percentage of people vaccinated sufficient to avoid a resumption of infections: "It could be 99% or 85%, we don't know", and he added, "we must vaccinate as many people as possible," that is the only desirable number ".