The federal government has increased the number of local Afghan workers who, as refugees, are entitled to stay in Germany.

A spokesman for the development aid ministry announced on Tuesday that, analogous to the Afghan Bundeswehr employees, the year 2013 should now also be the reference year for local staff who worked in development cooperation for German organizations.

Peter Carstens

Political correspondent in Berlin

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Johannes Leithäuser

Political correspondent in Berlin.

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Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) said that so far 351 German citizens have been brought back from Afghanistan, around a hundred Germans and their families are still in Afghanistan.

The number of local workers seeking protection and their family members was given on Tuesday at around 10,000.

Not all of them are in Kabul.

It was said in Berlin that individuals had also found escape routes from northern Afghanistan to neighboring countries in the north.

Plea for a coordinated approach

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen (CDU), together with his parliamentary colleagues from the other G-7 countries, issued a declaration which, among other things, demands that no member of the international community should unilaterally end the Taliban regime in Kabul recognize.

Instead, there must be a coordinated approach, which would ideally be recorded in a UN Security Council resolution and ensure that the commitments that the Taliban are now ready to enter into become binding.

This included the rejection of all forms of international terrorism, the obligation to participate in democratic elections, equal rights for women and the cessation of drug cultivation and trafficking.

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) reported on Tuesday of the "increasing intensity of the evacuation".

A total of 26 states are on site and are involved as nodes in one of the largest airlifts in history.

There is a growing proportion of refugees from other parts of the country;

there is also increasing evidence of terrorist activities in the vicinity of the airport.

There are seven days left

Meanwhile, calls for help from individuals are repeatedly being made to the federal government and the crisis teams.

Often, people seeking protection with papers are unable to get through the chain of posts at the airport, even if German soldiers are on site.

Kramp-Karrenbauer agreed to follow up on all clues.

A total of 3,670 people had been evacuated by Tuesday, 945 alone in the past twenty-four hours.

Among those who were flown out was a group of 200 Italians and 27 people who had worked for NATO in Kabul.

A total of more than 2,800 Afghans have been flown out so far.

The Bundeswehr wants to continue its rescue mission in Kabul even under difficult conditions.

One will continue to fly "as long as it can", it said in a message.

There are still seven days to go before the deadline agreed between the United States and the Taliban ends.

Regardless of the fact that the parliamentary mandate which was debated in the Bundestag on Wednesday, the Left criticizes mainly Germans;

the term local staff is not in the decision.

A decision that "treats people so shabbily and leaves them in the lurch" could not be approved by the left.

The party leader Janine Wissler said abstention was "a viable option".

The left-wing MP Sevim Dagdelen had previously described the rescue operation of the Bundeswehr as a “perfidious simulation of the ability to act”.

The Bundestag is to retrospectively allow the deployment of up to 600 soldiers on Wednesday.