It was found that the Digital Agency's budget request for the next fiscal year, which will be launched next month, will include more than 540 billion yen, including expenses related to the maintenance and operation of information systems of each ministry and agency.

The IT General Strategy Office of the Cabinet Secretariat has finalized the budget request for the next fiscal year's budget of the Digital Agency, which will be launched on the 1st of next month.

According to this, the total amount of the estimated request is 542.6 billion yen, and since the Digital Agency has decided to collectively request the information system to be maintained by each ministry and agency, the cost for system maintenance and operation is about 530.3 billion yen. It accounts for nearly 98% of the total.

In addition, about 2.5 billion yen will be spent on securing and training human resources with specialized digital knowledge, and 1 billion yen will be spent on the maintenance and dissemination of functions necessary for the digital society, such as improving the convenience of My Number Card. The remainder of the yen is included in each.