Resumption of physical education and swimming lessons

"Knowledge" allows to raise the capacity of school buses to 100%

Students are required to wear masks inside the buses.

Photography: Patrick Castillo

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai has allowed schools to raise the capacity of school buses to 100%, while adhering to the application of precautionary measures, to ensure the safety of students and protect them from infection with the “Corona” virus, in addition to resuming physical education and swimming classes, and the use of shower rooms and changing clothes, provided that It is cleaned and sterilized after each use of each group of students.

In the guide to “Procedures for resuming regular work hours in private schools in Dubai”, which was recently published by the authority on its website, the authority urged to provide electronic copies of study and review materials, encourage work and tasks that do not require paper in class and at home, and work to Closing some types of playing areas such as the bungee, wearing personal clothes, indoor playing areas, and reading corners that include soft furniture.

The guide stressed the need for students to wear masks inside the buses and sterilize them completely, whether seat belts, hand rests or handles, etc., and to provide appropriate ventilation and temperature measurement when entering and disembarking students, explaining that in the event of suspected injury, the student is isolated away from the rest of the students for a distance of a meter. At the very least, inform the school's health and safety officer.

The guide called for the necessity of ventilating all areas in schools, such as following the system of opening windows, and making sure that cleaning procedures are carried out completely, while providing an adequate stock of sterilizers, masks, and special baskets to throw used ones from, and working to encourage students to register online, warning against the use of soft toys. that contain complex parts that are difficult to clean, and encourage parents to provide their children with their tools, and urge them to avoid the use of tools that require blowing, such as musical instruments, whistles, blowing tubes, and others.

The guide stated the need to use the outdoor areas to conduct exercise during recess, while allowing the use of lockers for students in the event that the conditions of distancing are adhered to, provided that a locker is allocated to each student alone without participation with others, stressing the need for the visitor to show to the school what proves that he has obtained a smear Negative, and in the event of the inability to take measures to ensure the required physical distance, those schools must take the necessary measures to ensure the preservation of health and safety in their school community.

The guide called for strengthening the procedures followed to limit the spread of the virus by following all the instructions received, applying them fully and bindingly, and placing awareness and guiding posters describing the steps for washing hands next to the designated places, and posters about sterilization instructions in all school buildings and facilities, and sending additional circulars about special instructions Sterilization and personal hygiene, to parents before the students return.

The authority specified the procedures for entering scientific laboratories, art studios, music halls, libraries, and places designated for prayer, such as ventilation, sterilization, and maintaining the capacity to ensure social distancing.


Private schools in Dubai confirmed that they have completed the necessary preparations to receive their students, next Sunday, in light of the preventive and precautionary requirements and measures set by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, to limit the spread of the virus in educational institutions, and contained in the announced protocol.

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