In view of miserable polls, the CDU, seconded by the CSU, is trying to switch to attack with the election campaign at the weekend.

Suddenly you feel like you have been transported back to the times of the red socks campaign, which predicted the downfall of Germany in the event of a government with the participation of the Greens, the SPD and the Left Party.

It is an act of desperation.

Apart from the question of whether the voters are impressed by such a scenario after twelve years of ruling a CDU chancellor with the SPD, numerous stable state governments with Greens participation and a weak left-wing party, the tactic neither suits the candidate for chancellor nor does it fit content.

Laschet is not Söder

Laschet was elected CDU chairman because he is an integrator.

No matter how much he has already won power struggles, the friendly Rhinelander is no good as a sharp-edged polarizer.

Laschet does not have the ability of his still-rival Söder to overtake the Greens on the left in terms of content and at the same time to present them as a left-wing threat.

Second, it can hardly work out in terms of content.

In foreign and security policy in particular, there are differences between the Union and the parties to the left of the center.

But they are not the same.

Strengthening the Bundeswehr would be impossible with the Left Party, difficult with the SPD and not easy with the Greens.

Whatever one might think of Baerbock's self-satisfied remark that it comes more from international law, her attitude toward Moscow is stricter than the Laschets and more critical toward Beijing than that of Merkel, who is fascinated by China.

Where is Laschet supposed to put the wedge without it flying around with the sledgehammer the first time?

It doesn't look any better in climate policy.

Laschet's name is closely linked to the coal phase-out.

He will not step on the brakes when it comes to climate protection, not least because Söder would prevent that.

There is no silver bullet for the Union.

Should Laschet end up in the Chancellery, he will lurch into it.

Like Merkel 16 years ago.