(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Germany has newly diagnosed more than 7,000 new cases for the fifth consecutive day, the most populous state has tightened the epidemic

  China News Agency, Berlin, August 22 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The German disease control agency announced on the 22nd that the number of newly confirmed infections with the new crown virus was 7,050, which is the fifth consecutive day that the country has added more than 7,000 in a single day.

On the same day, North Rhine-Westphalia, which has the largest population in Germany, rose to 99.2, far exceeding the national average of 54.5.

On June 12, 2021, local time, Berlin, Germany, the Deutsche Oper Berlin (Deutsche Oper Berlin) reopened and the premiere of "Rheingold" was held here.

All viewers are required to wear masks and present a vaccination certificate or a recent negative test for the new coronavirus.

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  The German disease control agency Robert Koch Institute announced that the number of new confirmed cases and the number of new deaths were 7,050 and 3, respectively. As of that day, a total of 3,868,197 people were diagnosed and a total of 9,1976 people died.

Germany's official new crown incidence index (the cumulative number of new diagnoses per 100,000 people in seven days) used by the German government to monitor the severity of the new crown epidemic further rebounded on the same day, and its value rose to 54.5 from 51.6 the day before.

Up to now, Germany has received 99.3 million doses of the new crown vaccine, and a total of 48,860,871 people have been fully vaccinated, accounting for 58.8% of the country's total population.

  In the past week, the German epidemic has seen its worst rebound since early July.

As of the 22nd, the number of newly confirmed cases in a single day for five consecutive days has exceeded 7,000.

The Robert Koch Institute recently warned that Germany has officially entered the fourth wave of the epidemic.

  North Rhine-Westphalia (North Rhine-Westphalia), located in western Germany, is adjacent to the Netherlands and Belgium and is the most populous state in the country.

The latest data released by the Robert Koch Institute on the same day showed that North Rhine-Westphalia has surpassed Hamburg to become the state with the highest COVID-19 incidence index among the 16 federal states in Germany, reaching 99.2-just a week ago, this state of North Rhine-Westphalia The index is only 54.4.

At the same time, the new crown incidence index in the capital Berlin also rose to 67.3 that day, becoming the second highest epidemic index in German states after North Rhine-Westphalia.

  In response to the current rebound of the epidemic in Germany, German Economy Minister Altmeier said on the same day that based on the information currently available, Germany will be able to avoid re-imposing a universal "cities lockdown" for people who have been fully vaccinated and who have recovered from the new crown. Measures.

"This means that restaurants and shops can continue to open for business this winter." (End)