, Beijing, August 23 (Reporter Zhang Weiran) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the 23rd that in the post-epidemic era, China and Arab states will continue to deepen the procurement of medical materials and the cooperative production of vaccines in health areas. The investment cooperation in the region will help regional countries overcome the epidemic and revive the economy.

  A reporter asked a question. Yesterday, the Fifth China-Arab Expo ended successfully.

Can you introduce the achievements and significance of this expo?

  Wang Wenbin said that the China-Arab Expo is an important platform for China and Arab countries to jointly build the "Belt and Road".

The current China-Arab States Expo lasted 4 days. 50 foreign guests including the Prime Minister of Morocco, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Diaspora of Tunisia, the Minister of State for Foreign Trade of the UAE and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League through video or connection Address and speech.

A total of 277 signed results were formed at this expo, covering electronic information, clean energy, new materials, green food, production capacity cooperation, "Internet + medical health", tourism cooperation and other fields. The total planned investment and trade are 156.67 billion yuan.

  "This fully demonstrates the vigorous vitality of China and Arab countries to seek cooperation and development together, promote peaceful development, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly build the'Belt and Road' with high quality." Wang Wenbin said.

  He said that on the occasion of the opening of the Expo, President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the Expo, which fully reflects China's great importance to the development of China-Arab strategic partnership, and injects confidence and impetus into China-Arab States to move forward together and create a better future.

  Wang Wenbin pointed out that since the establishment of a comprehensive cooperation, common development, and future-oriented strategic partnership between China and Arab countries for more than three years, the areas of cooperation between the two sides have become broader and the results of cooperation have become more and more substantial.

In 2020, the trade volume between China and Arab countries will be close to 240 billion U.S. dollars, and China is firmly ranked as the largest trading partner of Arab countries.

So far, China has signed cooperation documents with 19 Arab countries and the Arab League to jointly build the “Belt and Road”, and the resumption of production and production of key projects for the “Belt and Road” joint construction by China and Arab countries is progressing in an orderly manner. Technological cooperation is in the ascendant, and the regional recognition of Chinese products, Chinese technologies, and Chinese standards continues to increase.

China and Arab countries have jointly built many “firsts” such as the tallest building in Africa, the world's largest solar thermal power station, and the first clean coal-fired power station in the Middle East.

The two parties signed the "Data Security Cooperation Initiative", making China-Arab contributions to the formulation of global digital economy rules.

  Wang Wenbin said that in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China and Arab countries have joined hands to fight the epidemic, setting a model of mutual assistance and mutual assistance.

At this year's expo, guests at the conference positively commented on the performance of China and Arab countries in fighting the epidemic and sharing a common destiny.

China has aided and exported nearly 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Arab countries, and has carried out joint bottling production cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other countries.

In the post-epidemic era, China and Arab countries will continue to deepen investment cooperation in the health sector, such as the procurement of medical materials and cooperative production of vaccines, so as to help regional countries overcome the epidemic and revive the economy.

  Wang Wenbin said that in July last year, both China and Arab countries agreed to convene the first China-Arab summit.

China is willing to work with Arab countries to successfully host the China-Arab summit, promote the implementation of the China-Arab community with a shared future, and make greater contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.