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Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission recently announced the results of a real estate transaction investigation on the People's Power and the 5 non-negotiating groups. Twelve people from the People's Power and one from the Open Democratic Party were investigated as having illegal allegations.

Correspondent Ahn Jung-sik.

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Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, through a briefing on the afternoon of the 23rd, reported that among members of the 5 party members of the People's Power and non-negotiating groups and their families, there were 13 cases in total, and 14 cases were found to be illegal in the process of real estate transaction and possession. said it was the case.

This is the result of a survey of real estate transactions over the past 7 years for a total of 507 people, including 116 members of the National Power and the 5 non-negotiating parties from last June and 391 members of their spouses and immediate family members.

By party, the power of the people was 12 and the number of cases was 13, while the Open Democratic Party had 1 and 1 case.

The Justice Party, the People's Party, the Basic Income Party and the Transition of Times were found to have no suspicions of violating laws.

According to the 13 cases of illegal allegations of people's power, one case of real estate title trust, two cases of tax evasion such as expedient donations, four cases of violations of the Land Compensation Act, the Building Act, and the Special Act on Public Housing, and the suspicion of violation of the Farmland Act. 6 cases.

In the case of the Open Democratic Party, there was one case of suspicion of using business secrets by using undisclosed information to purchase real estate in an unrelated area.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission has sent the results of the investigation to the Government Joint Special Investigation Headquarters and said it will notify each political party.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) conducted a total real estate investigation for the past 7 years targeting lawmakers and their families belonging to the Democratic Party of Korea in June and announced that 12 people were suspected of illegality.