A six-week-old baby who went missing in the United States was found the next day in a city 120 kilometers away.

According to foreign media such as Fox News on the 21st local time, a woman in Cleveland, Ohio, filed a missing person report to the police about 11 pm on the 17th, saying that her baby was missing.

The police immediately triggered an 'Amber Alert' and said that the next day after receiving the report, the missing baby was found in Youngstown, about 120 km from Cleveland.

The Amber Warning is a system that induces citizens to report when a child abduction incident occurs in the United States by disclosing the abducted children through electronic signs on highways and through TV and radio broadcasts.

The system is said to be named after a 9-year-old child who was kidnapped and killed in 1996.

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The missing baby was found at a child care facility in Youngstown.

At the time of discovery, the baby was said to have had no health problems.

The baby's mother is known to have told police that an acquaintance she was arguing with had assaulted her and left the baby in the car.

A Cleveland Police official said, "The investigation is continuing due to a conflict of opinion between the parties."

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(Photo = 'Cleveland Police' Facebook capture)