According to him, in Russia there is a nationwide vaccination calendar, which indicates which vaccinations are mandatory.

“The second part is not mandatory, but is introduced by decision of the heads of the subjects of the federation in the event of a sharp exacerbation of the situation and for certain categories of citizens.

Therefore, no one needs to be intimidated, forced, it is necessary to explain, it is necessary to show citizens all the advantages associated with vaccinations, with the protection of themselves, their loved ones from very serious consequences in case of illness that are quite possible in modern conditions, "TASS quotes him.

Putin stressed that it is necessary to create various incentives to encourage vaccination against coronavirus, but this should not turn into an imposition campaign.

Earlier, the President of Russia recommended that the governors take personal control of vaccination against coronavirus infection COVID-19 and the achievement of population immunity in their regions.

Doctor Timur Pesterev, in an interview with FAN, gave advice on vaccination against coronavirus.