With the reduction of plastic waste becoming a major issue, toy makers around the world are making products using environmentally friendly materials one after another.

Mattel, a major American toy maker that handles Barbie dolls, made the first doll made of a material made from recycled marine plastic waste, and started selling it in Japan from the middle of this month.

90% of the total, such as dolls, floral dresses, and umbrellas and chairs sold separately, are made of recycled materials.

Paper is also used for product packaging instead of plastic.

Miho Kobayashi of Mattel International said, "We are aiming to use recycled materials in all products and packaging by 2030. It will be an opportunity for children to think about environmental issues and talk with the people around them. I'm afraid. "

Meanwhile, the Danish maker "Lego Group", known for its block toys, released a prototype block made from recycled PET bottles in June.

This means that an average of 10 blocks of raw material can be secured from one 1-liter PET bottle.

The company aims to produce all its products using used PET bottles and plant-derived materials, and the movement to reduce plastic waste is spreading to a wide range of industries.