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    Hurricane Grace struck the Yucatan not far from the ancient Mayan temples


August 21, 2021: US authorities have issued a warning about the possible impact of Tropical Storm Henri in New York and New England, urging residents to prepare for a difficult weekend. According to forecasts, the disturbance is expected to "intensify on Sunday", with a possible tail on Monday.

The path that Henri could follow is still difficult to establish but the White House has reported that the president, Joe Biden, has been briefed on which areas could be most affected.  

 The national weather alert service then warned of possible difficulties in traveling, urging caution and advising to take public transport. Faced with possible blackouts, it was suggested to "recharge mobile phone batteries".

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has invited people on vacation to the coast to leave well before Henri strikes while those who are about to leave their home to delay their departure.

The weather service warned that the storm, with its strong winds, could create widespread coastal flooding. The authorities of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York have hypothesized a possible and temporary (about a week) power outage. At the same time, they reminded boat owners to secure them, fill up the car and stockpile a sufficient supply of canned food.

In Mexico, Hurricane Grace weakens as it crosses Veracruz Dropped to 'force 2' on the Saffir-Simpson scale  

Hurricane Grace, which touched land today in Mexico in the state of Veracruz and is accompanied by strong winds and torrential rain, has lost vigor in its westward evolution and is currently 'force 2' (moderate) out of the 5 that make up the Saffir-Simpson scale on the power of hurricanes. This was announced by the Mexican Meteorological Service. For its part, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida, reported that the winds accompanying Grace are now 175 km / h, and that the hurricane's trend is to reduce at the end of the day to a tropical storm in the its movement towards central Mexico. The Mexican government has prepared a civil protection emergency response plan in five states (Veracruz, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas and Hidalgo), in which nearly 8,000 men participate.